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Reality! What a concept! [Aug. 8th, 2005|09:51 am]
[mood |lovedloved]

This is my first entry so I feel I need to get everyone caught up with what's going on with me. First of all I just celebrated my two month anniversary with my boyfriend Vito yesterday! This has been the most wonderful 2 months I've ever had! We are so comfortable together that it seems like we've been together for ever! I have been out of circulation for the past month because I was ill with a virus that's a lot like the virus that causes Mono. I even spent 4 days in the hospital while the doctors we trying to figure out what was wrong with me besides the pneumonia. So yes during that time I must have had a pint of blood taken over that 4 days. But at least when they released me from the hospital I wasn't running the high fevers that I had when I was admitted. Vito has been there taking care of me the whole time. He's great! I've also had another blessing in disguise. We are having to move from our 1 bedroom apt over a garage that belonged to a good friend of mine before he moved to Hawaii. His sister has mandated that I not have anyone living with me in that apartment. She lives in the main house and has nothing better to do than complain. She has only told me this AFTER my boyfriend has moved in. Part of her reasoning is that my previous loser boyfriend (Robert Williamson AKA QT, Quaylin) did a lot of nasty things that caused major problems with her and the neighbors. Plus she also cited things that her brother and the guys that lived/stayed with him when he lived there. So it really has nothing to do with Vito who is nothing like those guys! We are moving to a larger place that we can call our place instead of Vito being integrated into what was Harrys place.
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