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Full of Love! [Aug. 16th, 2005|12:01 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Yesterday I proposed to my boyfriend Vito and of course he said YES! It's his birthday on the 31st and I had planned to do it then but we are getting ready to move the week after his b-day. I bought his ring yesterday and couldn't wait! Plus trying to hide something for two weeks when you are packing and getting ready to move is just not wise. After all it might get packed or even worse lost! A few weeks ago I did something stupid and asked him what his ring size was. He has several rings but non are properly fitted to his wedding ring finger. I decided that since I let the cat out of the bag we would look at some online catalogs and find a style that he liked. He thought that he was getting just a promise ring without diamonds. He even found a white gold ring that he really like at Tiffanys! I actually found a similar style with 3 diamonds at another store that actually looked better in my opinion! He loves the ring! We have to go in today and get it sized to his finger. It is the standard size 10 (my size) so we have to get it sized to fit his more petite finger. We don't actually plan to have our wedding ceremony for at least another year! Last night he called all of his friends and family back home to tell them the good news! He even wore the ring to work last night to show it off! He said that there were a few envious people there that made a few off color comments but most people congratulated him.